Art prints and illustrations
Art prints and illustrations
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Who is Naminoe?



If you like the mysterious, the whimsical and the dreamlike, then the Naminoe decoration and stationery brand is for you!

Sophie Gaubert is an illustrator who started working in this field in 2020. She has been drawing since her childhood, primarily traditional and for two years on digital media.

Passionate illustrator, in love with nature, mystique and feminine features. Naminoe offers you illustrations printed on various formats (A5, A4, bookmarks, stickers, ...). With diverse and varied collections, imagined around his favorite themes.

In the interests of respect for the environment and in order to avoid wasting resources, most of the products offered * are printed to order directly in his workshop with suitable material and on high quality 100% cotton fine art papers. and without brightening agent.

Naminoe presents elegant and poetic prints, which will easily find a place in your interiors. To offer as a gift to your loved ones or to yourself.

* (Excluding stickers, bookmarks and Zodiac collection)